Day 3 of #SU7DoT: how do you keep up?


Twitter is a constantly moving stream of tweets. Once you build up a number of accounts to follow, you realize you can’t possibly keep up with it and that can induce a feeling of stress! Twitter has introduced new features to counteract this – you get a “While you were away” section of tweets, based on what Twitter thinks you’d like to see – but you have some alternatives:

1. Don’t Panic!


One answer is to not worry about it – you can dip in and out when time allows and there will be something there to interest you.

2. Special People

If you have particular people whose tweets you don’t want to miss, you can “turn on mobile notifications” for them by clicking on the little cog wheel on their profile page:


This means that you will get an alert on any devices every time they tweet (so use sparingly…). Or you may just want to remember to visit the profile pages of key people who interest you and see their latest tweets there.

3. Use a List to filter your stream

Another option is to use Twitter’s “List” feature – this allows you to add any number of accounts to a list. You can then view the “List” page which only shows the tweets of people on that list. We have a list of people participating in #SU7DoT, for example.


Set up a notification or a list for one or more important people on Twitter if you don’t want to miss their tweets. Then take a look at our list for the course and tweet a reply to somebody!



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