Day 5 of #SU7DoT: top Twitter tools


You can install the Twitter app on your mobile phone or tablet or there are other 3rd party options available – these are particularly good for checking Twitter on the go and snapping photos to tweet. There are also many tools developed to tackle aspects of the Twitter experience to save you time and effort:

Scheduling tweets

Many people check Twitter once or twice a day and then send a flurry of tweets and re-tweets all in one go. Using a scheduler means that you can store up a collection of tweets and get them automatically tweeted at a future time. Buffer is a good option – as well as composing tweets in Buffer itself, you can add a “Buffer” button to your web browser or link to other apps so you can post directly into your “Buffer”. You then specify the schedule and Buffer will send out your tweets and track their impact. Hootsuite is a social media dashboard that works well with Twitter and also has a future scheduling facility.

Saving something to read later

Many Twitter users use the “like” heart button to mark items they want to read later on but there are also tools such as “Instapaper” or “Pocket” which let you store an article to read (offline). These integrate well with Twitter or Buffer so you can tweet when you read something interesting or have a question on it.

Saving individual Tweets

Each tweet has its own URL which you can use to link back to them. To get this, click on the timestamp next to a tweet & then copy the URL from your browser bar:


You can also take a screenshot of a tweet (use the Microsoft “Snipper” tool or Command+Shift+4 on a Mac).

Saving tweets in bulk

Twitter lets you download your own tweet archive in one big file but if you wish to save tweets on a particular event or topic, you can use an app such as “Storify” to create an album of tweets with additional content and context if you wish. You can see the Storify for the last 7 Days of Twitter here.

Today’s Task

Do you use helpful Twitter tools? Let us know your favourites by tweeting with the hashtag #SU7DoT Or try out one of the ones mentioned above and let us know what you think!


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